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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Assassination at will or License to kill?

Not assassination of a particular Will in the sense of "Fire at Will!"..."Look out Will!"...but assassination when it is politcally expedient.

Not since the moment that I received the text message "If you're not watching TV turn it on" from Matt have I once rejoiced the murder of Osama bin Laden.  I do harbor wishes that his death (or the next election) will inspire the President use his omnipotence to bring the troops home and all that, but subconsciously, something has prevented me from celebrating the death of a person.  This is no claim to righteousness or piety, it is simply a testament of the major changes that I have undergone since being a 17 year old student ready to shoot and kill based on anger over the attacks on 9/11.

The Kupster has a facebook post that reads "There has only been one death that has ever created peace, and we celebrated it a week ago."  I can see the value in this perspective.  The idea behind the death to which he refers is, in fact, peace.  Now, with a country bursting at the seams with believers in God, how can we celebrate the death of this man for what appears to be similar reasons only a week after celebrating the sacrifice of our savior?

In Ron Paul's new book, Liberty Defined, he says "tyranny begins with the oppression of unpopular minorities".  (Caveat alert:  This in no way implies that bin Laden was opressed.)  By violating various of our own laws and assassinating a man [to whom Navy Seal team 6 was not fighting in self defense, on whom the United States Congress had not declared war, nor had he been tried in court and proven guilty,] the government of the United States of America, representing the cumulative, collective will of the people, which has an established set of laws and consequences, has taken a major, precedent setting step towards tyranny.

I find it odd that my last post was on February 3, 2010.  The date of the article posted below happens to be the same date.  But don't be fooled by randomness, it's just a coincidence.

My thought for the week is:  When will the rules change, at will, again?

Have a look at the article below and share your thoughts.

ABC News - License to Kill